Grade 6 Fusing Plastic Project

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Grade 6
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Last year I tried something new…fusing plastic…after discovering it via Pinterest! My Grade 6 pupils had to fuse grocery bags (HDPE, resin code 2) and create their own one but, as we all know, trying something new doesn’t always mean it works out well the first time.  After much sweat and tears we abandoned that idea and I split each class into groups so they could create an item of clothing in 2 hours using the techniques learnt.  Much better success!

073 075

This year the Grade 6’s are tackling the same project but with a bit of a twist.  We have combined the Art and Drama learning areas with Design and Technology and are making them complete an integrated project in all 3 classes.  They are currently listening to the sound track from Wicked in Drama and are drawing inspiration from that to create a hat using paper manipulation.  In Design Tech they will be creating a piece of clothing or outfit that will be able to be worn (along with the hat) when everything comes together in a final drama showcase.  I am really looking forward to it and will keep you posted!



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